Barn Quilt Hanging

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Well, today was the day!  After weeks of waiting after the sign was completed, waiting for it to dry, waiting to get the crops planted, waiting for side dressing the corn, and waiting for a rain to prevent field work, waiting for Alex to be free to help…it all came together today. Mike and I went out to see where we needed to drill the sign.  He pre-drilled the sign in the mud room. I decided that putting the screws near a line in the sign rather than right in the middle of a large area of color would draw less attention to it.  Hope that works.

Do not try this at home!

After Alex arrived, they put the fork on the backhoe, put a wood pallet on the fork, then raised the backhoe to use for a scaffold. (Do not try this at home.  This is NOT OSHA approved!) The other one used the ladder.  Because of the ridges in the siding, I bought plastic plugs for the screws to go through behind the sign so the screw would not be exposed, and to give it more stability.  The original plan was to put some silicone or caulking in each hole before screwing through to try to prevent moisture from getting into the only unsealed part of the wood.  Well, we happened to remember this when they were teetering atop this apparatus, so that idea got nixed.  Hope it’s not a problem as weather approaches.  They screwed four screws to hold the sign.  Because the metal siding is covering the old weathered wood of the old barn, there was wood to screw into without having to try to hit a furring strip.  Fortunately the weather and the men cooperated quite nicely.

My job was to spot, to photograph, and to smile!

I have to admit, I think it looks better on the barn than it did in my foyer.  A completion to a great project.

Thanks guys!



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