Here are links to some of my favorites (and above you can see my favorite Christmas card!).

Your Move by Andy Stanley is awesome. Andy makes his message so relevant.  He isn’t just talking to Christians; he talks to everyone.  I love to listen to his messages through my podcasts.  On this page, select “load more series” towards the bottom to find Guardrails series and Your Move series.  I highly recommend these so far.  I haven’t listened to them all yet. I also like Starting Point (points out great points on Ephesians 2: 8-10) and Who Needs God.  Both excellent. I’ve recently found this good one too… Follow.

Focus on the Family is a wonderful resource.  I have listened to their radio broadcast for years, and more recently downloaded their app so I can select relevant topics and listen to them at my convenience.  The topics span from child rearing, to marriage, to singleness, to grandparent-ing, to movie ratings, to organization.  You name it, they probably have it.  I am amazed at the empty nest stage of life how many of their programs relate to me or those I love.  On the website, the menu at the bottom of the page is helpful to get around.

Other radio broadcasts that I enjoy are Chuck Swindol, Revive our Hearts, Charles Stanley, and many more.

My favorites for contemporary Christian music artists include Steven Curtis Chapman, Mercy Me, Casting Crowns, Matthew West, Josh Wilson, FFH, Laura Story, and many more.

I have used and enjoy women’s Bible study materials from Beth Moore, Pricilla Shirer, Jennifer Rothschild.

My favorite book is Searching for God Knows What by Donald Miller (this link is an awesome example of the author and his thought process).  My favorite devotionals are My Utmost for His Highest (free on this website) by Oswald Chambers, and Jesus Calling by Sarah Young.

OK, I SHOULD have said my favorite book is Boundaries by Townsend and Cloud.  I am referring to is constantly.  Just ask my friends and family.  It is a wonderful, practical book on how to live a Christian life without being a doormat.

Right now, I’m enjoying Galatians, and recently did a study on Gideon (by Pricilla Shirer) that was powerful.

Just thought I’d pass these along to you with my thumbs up!


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