Welcome to Johnson Family Farms.  We farm in Darke, Preble, and neighboring counties in Ohio.  Our aim is to do a responsible job caring for the needs of the land and the needs of our landlords.  We come from a long line of farmers and have learned how to make changes through the years to suit the changing technology and what is dictated by market demand.

Mike (and wife Brenda) comes after his parents and grandparents, carrying on what he has learned and adding to it along the way.  Alex (and wife Missy) is Chief Operations Officer, managing the workings of the farm, mixing what he learned growing up with his agricultural college education and professional work experience in the agricultural field.  Brenda and Missy are the support, and three young boys are up and coming as they learn.  (The oldest is starting to drive the grain cart!)

We hope we can work with you to help suit your farming needs.  Contact us by calling Alex at 937.423.0005.  We look forward to talking with you!