Hello.  I am Brenda Johnson.  I live on a farm in rural Ohio with my husband  (farmer), Mike.  We have two sons, a daughter in law, and three grandsons.  I am a substitute teacher sometimes, a wife, mom and grandma at all times, and an artist when no one is looking.  I enjoy artistic pursuits like throwing pottery, photography, writing, art quilting, and basket weaving.  I enjoy people, and quality time is my love language.    I hope this website helps me share many parts of my life with others.  I hope to share my art, my heart, my thoughts, and projects too. I hope to interact with you through Periwinkle Sue! And although we are connecting through technology, I ask you that you make sure you connect with people in person, absent of technology, as your primary people connection.  Blessings to you as you share in this venture with me.

My site is called Periwinkle Sue.  Grandma Rinehart used to call me Susie because of my middle name, Sue.  If you wonder where there Periwinkle comes from, you will need to read my book – A Date With God.  So if you like periwinkle blue like I do, I hope you like Periwinkle Sue. Welcome.


  1. Your fabric portraits are amazing. Love the whole layout of your website! Woman of many talents!

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