Pandemic Projects 2

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In my second installment, let’s start with some shopping. I have always toyed with the idea of owning a serger.  Last spring I started pursuing one. I searched for an older Baby Lock Evolution.  I wanted to buy used, and I found I could buy an Ovation (similar but newer and better) for a similar price when I found a great deal. I soon learned it was cheap because it was not from the US.  I drove to Cleveland to buy it from an individual.  It had been a gift to her from an exchange student.  The owner decided to keep her old one (had only used the Ovation once).  It was like brand new, and the only drawback is that I have to use a converter box for the electricity.  Not a problem!  It is worth it totally.  So now, my sewing machines Bernie and Nina have welcomed Sergio into the fold.

Sergio has given quite the learning curve.  There is lingo to learn and such. The machine uses from 3-8 threads at a time–more to thread!  Fortunately, we live in the age of YouTube videos that can teach a LOT of things.  That helped me get through figuring this thing out.  I started by hemming a couple of ready-made shirts I have.  I progressed to making a hoodie for Missy to practice.  Later in the year, I also made my sister a hoodie too.  I downloaded a free pattern from the internet and used some skills I had been learning on a new favorite TV show on PBS, “Fit 2 Stitch”, to alter the patterns to fit pretty well.  I am enjoying re-entering the world of garment sewing, thanks to that show.  It has opened the whole world of garment sewing to me, giving me some new confidence.

Another serger project was making myself some capris.  I made the pattern from an old pair I own.  The only picture I took of it was this crazy pic when I accidentally sewed over the head of my pin.  It is permanently sewed in the seam.  I cannot get it out!  Lesson learned.

I have also been learning to sew with a couple of new products (at least new to me).  Cork fabric and Kraft-Tex.  I made a wallet and some checkbook covers with the cork fabric.  I have been using one and it seems to be wearing quite well.  I would love to try to make a purse with it.  It is like “vegan leather.”  The Kraft-Tex is a paper product that can be washed and sewn.  (Just think of the label on your Levis on the back of the waistband.)  I made a tote combining Kraft-Tex and decorator fabric.  It turned out nice.

Another spring project was for Mother’s Day.  I had purchased some fabric with music printed on it with the plans of doing a fabric portrait of my mom.  The pandemic helped me make this the year!  (It has been a good time for me to look around and make those things that I always intended, but a busy life prevented.) One of my favorite things about this portrait was the dramatic difference from viewing it in indoor light, to putting it in a window with the light coming through it.  The contrast is much greater in the window (seen below).

In the meantime, because school was doing the online thing, it was more flexible to have time with the grandsons.  It was Tim’s turn to come over to do a project.  It was fun to learn he had it all planned out.  He wanted to make a vest, complete with pockets that would hold his Nerf “bullets” for his future “Nerf wars”.  We made our own pattern, calculated how much material it would take, and then drove to JoAnns to select the fabric.  It was fun to see how specific he was about his fabric choice. He selected duck cloth. He knew exactly what he wanted.  He helped design this, and I did the sewing part. It had a velcro closure, bias strips edging, pockets, and he painted on a badge. What a fun day!

Although I did the sewing on his vest, he did also come over one day for an “intro to sewing” day.  He learned how to sew on a button and to use the “Nina” sewing machine a little too.  I remember teaching his dad how to sew on a button when he was young.  (Years later, Alex was so proud of himself on his wedding day when one of the groomsmen lost a button from his shirt.  Alex sewed the button back on before I even made it to the church!)

It wasn’t long until it was Nathan’s turn to come again.  This time we made slime.  Or was it gack? Isn’t it all about the same?  😀

When “little brother” came over, he wasn’t interested in a project.  We just colored the hidden objects.  🙂

Stay tuned for more pandemic projects to come soon!  There are a lot more to come!!!


  1. I remember when Jay was in the 8th grade. All the boys had to take one semester of sewing. Ann Renfro taught them how to make T-shirts I was surprised when he came home every day and sewed T-shirts. Keith said why not? It has a motor. Don’t think he does it anymore. Moved on to real cars. Cindy Chrisman.

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