One Day At A Time

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Life. One day at a time. As a farm wife, I’m looking at spring in a different way than many of you do. It is a demanding time of the year. Farm life hangs on the thread of the weather (as does the pendulum of my husband’s emotions). In a recent conversation, I was trying to decide whether to go to a conference the beginning of May. He acknowledged that he may need my help those days, but quickly added that if he is rained out, I may be looking for a reason not to be home! True words.

I don’t watch the weather reports. He watches it closely enough for both of us. With some jobs you don’t even have to consider the weather (unless for the commute). But I’ve witnessed a long list of things that affect the results of all of the toil that goes into farming. Weather is just one. I’ve told Mike that I know he works hard whether there is a good result or not. Yes, his efforts are a sizable part of the equation. But there are many factors in the equation that are completely out of his hands. I am thankful that I have a husband that is a hard worker and a wise manager of the farm. We have worked together for almost 35 years (that anniversary approaching in September). Through the ups and downs, it is apparent that the Lord provides. We’ve always had a crop, and we’ve always moved forward into the next year.

(Here’s a couple pics of my hubby last year on July 4th.  There is the saying of “knee high by the fourth of July” for corn, but last year, our beans were there [and the corn was full grown and fully tasseled!]by the fourth of July.  Hoping for a good crop this year, but not expecting the records set last year.)

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