Barn Quilt 3

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And the saga continues. I started out in the barn on sawhorses. Mike had primed the board, and I got out my ruler and pencil, and started drawing out the grid. It didn’t take long until I decided to test my yardstick, and yes, it was warped. It was my only four foot yardstick, so I borrowed Mike’s four foot level. I was back in business. After drawing the grid, then drawing the quilt pattern, I started taping it off to paint the first color. I decided to start with the lightest colors, thinking that I could go over the lines a little, then cover it with the darker color afterwards. It was late in the day on Saturday. I started losing daylight, so moved into the living room and put it on the coffee table.

OK, I know what you’re thinking. I could spill paint and make a royal mess. Yes, I know. And I can be a klutz. I’m sure Mom remembers going to the cleaners about once a week when I was taking painting class in high school to get oil paint out of something I wore to school. But I’m trying to be careful. This shows after I painted the green, and half of the tape has been removed. Next color: light periwinkle. I enjoyed the process. It took time to do it well, and I enjoyed the fact that I was in the living room, comfy, and enjoying the company of Mike and the TV (it helped the time pass better than in the barn and I didn’t have to worry about the cats and birds decorating it like in the barn too).

I should mention that I used a 4″ foam roller to apply the paint. I did 2 coats of each color for good measure. I turned on the ceiling fan to decrease the drying time. As you can see, I did a little ‘over-rolling’ but felt I was safe, as my last colors would be the darker ones and would easily cover it. I got a little obcessed, so stayed up as late as my peepers would allow me. I got three out of four colors done that night.

So on Sunday, I got my last color applied. I applied it to the edges too (which led to the danger of dripping, but I think the only paint that got anywhere was on my jammies…working late…so I had no complaints). I left it on the coffee table for a couple days, then we moved it into the spare room on the bed. We are letting it dry for a week before applying the spar urethane. It’s hard to just let it sit, as I was anxious to ask for it to be hung, and I know that when planting begins, this will get left behind, but I want to do it right and not ruin all of the work so far. Patience! I’ll get back with you when we seal it and hang it.

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